At first, we need to know your design, demand, requirement and MOQ then we will research about your needs and we might show you any sample that is already designed and made for our other customers. If you need any sample of your own design you have to give us five-fifteen working days to complete it.

So you have to send us 

  1. Fabric Details

  2. Order Quantity

  3. Measurement Chart

  4. A designed pictures (if you have)

  5. A sample of your product (if you have)

  6. Your chosen method of shipping

After completing the pricing procedure, our professionals will communicate with the factory and they are already working with us, to make a significant agreement with your given MOQ and requirements.
In most of the cases, we need seven business days to make a sample with your requirement.
For payment issues and to start ordering and production, first we should use LC (letter of credits) system, after establishing a reliable relationship we can use another way (online payment gateway) to pay advance or to complete the full payment.
After getting confirmation from sample product-
• We will work together for a standard price and for LC confirmation then send it to factory.
• Production will start by garment factory.
• Will start our inspections by our professionals.
• Required documents for making for shipment.
• Finally we will send a copy of documents to bank and will enclose one copy with the products shipment.
For shipment, we agree to use any assigned freight forwarder of our clients. We will send our professionals to Chittagong, Bangladesh port to observe your desired shipping way. Our professionals will do necessary negotiation with factory & freight forwarder to complete the delivery correctly.

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